Team Driver Application

As a Team Five Star driver, it is especially important to remember that you are representing Five Star Hobbies. You will be required to represent Five Star in a positive manner. Whether at a local or national race, or at other public functions. Because you are a sponsored driver, you will become the focus at any race you attend. Other racers will seek you out to ask questions about set up or our products, and it will be your job to be courteous, patient and helpful.When sponsored by Five Star, you will be expected to run our products (Five Star Brand) and not any of the competing brands. We expect the driver to promote our products and brands on social media. Examples would be sharing posts on your feed from Five Star, making posts about your day racing your Five Star car. You will also be expected to advertise for Five Star in at least one of the following four ways when participating in a race whether it is local or national:1. Wear a Five Star shirt.2. Wear a Five Star hat.3. Hang a Five Star banner in your pit area, viewable to the public.4. Represent Five Star on the body of your vehicle with the Five Star logo in your paint, wrap or decals.

Thank you for applying to be a Team Five Star Driver. We will review all applications and inform all accepted drivers no later than January 15th, 2022.