2889  Analog Quick Reference Calipers

2889 Analog Quick Reference Calipers

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Analog Quick Reference Calipers

Quickly referencing dimensions and sizes are a commonpractice in the RC pit area.The quick reference analog calipers are capable of being locked into place to secure or save dimensions for later. The all-aluminum built and anodized tool is a very technical and precise piece.

The quick reference tool has the ability to measure inside surfaces and outside surfaces depending on which end is chosen for use. A graduated scale is laser etched onto the tool to allow the user to measure in .5mm increments. A thumbscrew allows the sliding plane to be locked into place for quick comparisons. A display window is machined into the upper slide where dimensions are shown up to an overall length of 80mm. A small overall size makes it ideal to place in to RC sized tool and lock boxes used routinely out in the field.


  • JConcepts design and function
  • Highly detailed design, 4-piece construction
  • Graduated scale measuring in .5mm increments to 80mm
  • Lockable sliding plane to save reference dimensions